This is brand new offering YEARS in the making! This paid membership will allow me to reach and impact more lives than 1:1 sessions allow! You can join immediately to get access to the temple of past activations and this month’s current offerings. This membership is a sacred space with monthly healings, ceremonies, transmissions + more.

GODDESS ALCHEMY COLLECTIVE is a free group that supports and reawakens the Royal Road of the Goddess – Priestess – Queen, & Higher Conscious Beings who identify with she/her; The Divine Feminine essence within, through, and surrounding us all.  Ignite the flames of ecstatic embodiment of the soul medicine within you to bud, rise, and bloom.

Join our lit sacred fire ceremonies, anchor deep into the wisdom of the Earth’s crystalline womb cave, remembering the ancient moon rituals, calling in the sacred spaces and places in all directions of times, space, and parallel Universes.