Training & Mentorship

Sophia Magdalene is a 13 Moon Soujurn intimate group program that I lead live. In it we reawaken the Sacred Feminine Mysteries Of Your Celestial Rose Womb Medicine Through Initiations, Activations, & Ceremony.


Each Rose Alchemy Priestess Initiate follows the spiraling flow of the outer Goddess Wheel of the Year, aligned with the pulsating rhythm of the Inner Womb Medicine Wheel activating the Grail Stargate Codes in sacred harmony, cycles and rhythms with the womb of the Gaia and the Womb of all creation.

Embodied Transcendence is a 120- day sacred journey to release your ecstatic power by unlocking your purpose and sacred gifts to create wealth like a Queen. This immersion is full of transmissions Custom coded to uplevel your vibrational frequency.