Encoded Frequencies

Enjoy the convenience of a virtual reading session/ consultation/  living light transmission & activation from the luxury of your own home or desired location. This is a practical and convenient way to benefit from Charlotte’s insights and remote healing Transmissions when distance is a barrier! Many long-distance and international clients choose this consultation method yielding fantastic results. Energy knows no space or time, so readings are just as effective as in person. Charlotte will provide you with preparatory instructions beforehand for a successful session.


Your healing sessions can be remote or in person and will include many forms of alternative healing choices or modalities. Charlotte is a pure Divine Galactic channel that has been practicing and actively expanding and elevating for over 30 years.

Possible topics include:

To book a session, please purchase the desired time and send me an email using the below form. We will then coordinate a date & time!

30 min session $111 (w/tax)

60 min session $222 (w/tax)

90 min session $333 (w/tax)