Activation Videos


These videos were a co-creation project with Jeff Bigman of and myself. Below you will find these animated visualizations meditation / activations to further assist strengthen your abilities and receptiveness in opening up  to Spiritual Energies with  having a greater understanding of what it may look like.  We are constantly adding new videos. This allows  you to further embracing  your essence with building your body of light, emptying out emotional resistance and the rising of your inner sun – you BEcome a Ray of Light igniting the invisible realms and allowing to anchor the 2 Divine Current as Spirit becoming Matter. Heaven on Earth. It is with great gratitude and joy that we share them with you.

Wishing you Infinite possibilities of co-creation with love and gratitude.


Namaste, Charlotte


Merging with your Higher Self (transcribed from video)


Welcome to the Aligning with your higher self-activation. Begin by sending a grounding cord into the center of the Earth, feeling centered and ready; invoke your higher self to come and stand before you, asking that this divine aspect help you see or sense its energetic form.

Feeling the vibrant energy descending down before you extend your hands palms facing outwards as you invite your higher self to connect palm to palm.

Take a moment to drink in your radiance as you peer divine to divine, allowing the energies of your higher self to pulsate through and around your body flowing up your arms towards your heart.

Now release your had connections Asking your higher self to stand behind you for the chakra bonding; I N H A L E through your crown chakra asking your higher self for a cord of light connecting from its crown to yours continuing with your 3rd eye chakra all the way to your root, blending, and merging yourself together aligned as ONE.

Now relaxing into your expanded inner space, embrace the magnetic clarity and vibrant joy.



COSMIC & EARTH KUNDALINI FIRE ACTIVATION; Anchoring your body of light into your Physical body structure.

Cosmic & Earth-Fire Kundalini Activation; brings in the Solar and Earth energies to synthesize your Light Body integrating and anchoring it into your physical structure.


Cosmic / Earth Kundalini Activation (transcript from video)


Begin by envisioning the Sun as the solar currents begin to flow downward bring with it the sacred geometry, fire letters & key codes appropriate to your vibrational frequency.


Feel the spine elongating, clears, clearing the chakras of was is no longer serving you activating your spiritual centers of the pituitary, heart and with a burst of cosmic energy, through your perineum send this tube of light into the crystalline center of Gaia.


Activating the Earth Kundalini – Now feel the pulsations of the revitalizing luminescent energy rise back through the souls of your feet and the base of your spine combining the Cosmic/Earth frequency filling each organ , tissue subatomic particle with light.


As you run the energy through your body allow the flow to split into 3 different directions at your throat flowing down your arms awakening further your healing capabilities through each individual fingertip and like a geyser feel the energy rise out of your crown chakra energizing your aura and space further strengthening and anchoring your light-body into your physical structure.  A great addition to your daily mediation.



SACRED SPACE ACTIVATIONS; Energetic Protection for your home or other desired location.


” In the name of my Mighty I AM PRESENCE I call forth the crystalline pillars of light from the Cities of Light from where the Ascendant Masters dwell to anchor and surround this sacred space, aura, body and hologram so above, so below  as a Diamond Star Ashram of Light Synthesis where only that which is Divine may enter.  That which is not Divine which is illusion must leave now.  We also call upon the Pleiadians, Andromedans, Sirians and Artcuriains, the Elohim, Trinity Lords of Light to invoke the Diamond Geometries of Light with the Paradise Grids we also call forth and connect anchoring the Ascension Seats  Shamballa, the Solar core and the Golden chamber of Melchizedek”

DAILY GROUNDING EXERCISES; Ignites magnetic clarity

Taking a deep clearing breath and bring your awareness and focus to your (for the ladies) your 2nd chakra and (for the gentleman) to your root chakra at the base of your spine.  Visualize a tube of light the width of your body flowing into the crystalline core heart center of Mother Earth awakening the Deva’s of the Earth plane, Pan, Archangel Sandlephon  and connecting to the Christ Consciousness Unity Grid.

AURA CLEANSING & CLEARING; Including the Violet Flame