Holographic Journeys

You are invited to…


A unique and innovative way to travel with me from the luxury of your home.


For years, many of you have asked if you could jump in my suitcase! This energetically engineered reclaiming of abilities was born based on 30 + years of healing & reading work, the many journeys to sacred sites and remote vortexes elevating and expanding my abilities, delving into the shadow with a focus on ascension to be able to now provide this incredible service!  


Known to the Ancients as SOUL TRAVELING. Activate your Inter-dimensional Passport; with a holographic journey led and guided by me.  

A Vortex or Chamber of light is created immersing you energetically in the holographic quantum field with a combination of intention, meditation, and sacred geometry nourishing your vibrant organic awakening in soul-conscious evolution. Your picture is the key that unlocks the wisdom, healing, consciousness, manifestation & gifts. Your picture comes to all the sacred sites, included in all the mediation, alignments, and impromptu ceremonies where we work with your Higher Self to create a continuous conscious connection to what is “your for the highest benefit”  for the duration of the journey. Allowing you to integrate and download the transmission as it is suspended in time.


It is ignited by your intention after creating a sacred space to receive these transmissions. You may be at ANY LOCATION ACROSS THE GLOBE to partake in receiving these Light frequencies and transmissions.


After the hologram vortex of light is created each day and at each site; your picture is placed within its radiant energy saturating your multidimensional body with Light frequencies;

Custom Energetic Transmission
  • Cosmic Key Codes, Symbols
  • Sacred Diamond GAIA (Geo) – metrics
  • Fire Letters
  • Divine Blueprint Multidimensional alignment
  • Inter-dimensional Ley Line Grid download of the Sacred Site
  • Universal Wisdom unlocked
  • Build your body of light expanding on your TELE-PORTING / BI-LOCATING Ascendant Master abilities
  • Raise your atomic structure to the highest benefit in accordance with your vibratory resonates.
  • Magnetic clarity
  • Special summary after the trip is over
  • Acceleration toward your ascension
  • Anchoring of the I AM Presence
  • Remember who you are

These benefits happen because the sites hold consciousness and as we travel to them we unlock an energetic transmission specific to our personal evolution which sparks remembering, awakening, transformation, and growth.


The cosmic vibrational frequency accelerates your foundation every time you’re linked with the Divine Current of illumination. As your sitting in the collective energy, some new understanding will awaken, anchor, or actualize. While continuing to build and strengthen your existing light grid matrix, expanding your radiance, and connecting with the divine intelligence as the information stored is multi-dimensional. You hold the cosmic key to that which unlocks the doors at exactly the perfect moment in accordance with your day-to-day life plan of growing, evolving, and expanding your vastness.

Upcoming Journeys

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12/12 Portal to Ascension

Egyptain New Year