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As a Soul Igniter your session will inspired and empowered personal growth, expanding awareness in new horizons to thrive; while becoming ever more present with magnetic clarity, thereby launching your legacy.

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Charlotte is also a key note speaker, media personality, spokesperson, radio show host, producer, expert TV consultant, guest, adventure mastermind, global journey's, leads workshops and facilitates groups in a number of private and public arenas.

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Discover both your inner and outer worlds with spiritual travel tours that explore ancient sacred sites, mystical and magical locations, fascinating places, vortex's, holistic wellness centers and retreats globally.

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Explore a deeper connection and understanding with your animal companions past,present & future together as we elevate your healing abilities, overcoming communication breakdown, and embrace the language of the heart.

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888 – Star Seed & Gazing Chakra Link Up

It’s always exciting when a new level of self is revealed or remembered, as these last few months have unfolded it was so evident that I needed to step back and do some very intense deep self care, rebooting and realigning especially after the chaos of 2016.
 Reemerging now, some of the most amazing messages from my Divine crew have come forward I wish to share with you as I received many heartfelt emails of why I had fallen off the planet;
Back in  2014 co-leading a sojourn group to Sedona during meditation at the Divine Mothers vortex alter  I asked my crew,  Sekhmet and Isis where I could better, more embrace any unhealed parts of myself where any or all connection may have been lost or forgotten, where  my souls’ essence was dark. Meaning a deeper level of diving into my ego, pain and grief, the darkest parts of my soul to transmits the energy to light. Truly embody with every fiber of my BEing Heaven on Earth was. Clearly a tall order.

They showed me the numbers 444, and said “it was time to embrace the pain body which resides in all of our root chakras. Emmerse yourself in the 3rd Dimension the physical plane and shift all that energy into a deeper more expanded space filling it with unconditional love”. BEing a star seed Sirian this of course was completely foreign to me as I spent most of my life out of my body and floating in the majesty of the stars. Thinking I was rooted but in truth barely.

The next three years turned out to be some of the most difficult and painful years of my life where I was literally brought to my knees in every way imaginable or unimaginable. Events I never expected and people with energy frequencies I’ve never been attracted to ever. The lessons were plenty. Then being cast on an upcoming TV Series project for a well know Network and production company (which I’m not able as yet to disclose due to contracts but very soon!) brought forth the lessons of Soul Visibility, reflection and many more deeper aspects unseen feeling as if dark space suit was unzipped to reveal the radiant star seed infinite being and heritage while receiving a full understanding of just what a trans-dimensional Soul was. A hell of an upgrade and reboot has ensured!  It has been an honor and privileged to have learnt so much from all whom crossed my path these last few years.

Offerings for sessions will also be more embodied with an even  higher and newer frequency than before will come through. Looking forward to the next step in all our evolutionary  ascension and supporting you with your ascension.

This month is an incredible line up of Celestial events from a once in a lifetime eclipses to 888 Lions Gate Activation, many will be experiencing enormous breakthroughs disguised as breakdowns where you will simply surrender all that isn’t serving you, feeling a tremendous amount of FREEDOM, a new lease on life, all the while elevating your consciousness and expanding in your awareness.

Cheers to the New World!

Rediscover your Star seed heritage with this Cosmic Adventure Star gazing meditation link up as you remember your stellar roots. Surrounded by candle light under a blanket of stars bathed by the lunar eclipse energy and 888 Star-gate portal (during Meteor shower season) we will gather to embrace and embody your Higher Self as we take you’re Celestial relationship with the Pleiades, Sirius, the Earth Star at the center of the Earth, our Sun and the Galactic Center of the Milky Way to the next level with a Chakra Alignment.

The purpose in making these alignments is to assist you in feeling more connected with with this solar ring , with the Pleiades, Sirius and the entire galaxy. Within each human being is a

Microcosm of All That Is. Within that microcosm there is a repeated patterning of the Seven basic chakra- types function. These chakras work interdependently with the multidimensional roles in Creation. And creation is physically actualized in the third dimension via its mineral components and etheric body. There is also an essence connection, and a translator and organizer of energy that unites all systems. The Planetary/Stellar Alignment Chamber of Light works with these planets, stars and cosmic bodies relative to those specific functions.


You will be guided through this Multidimensional Gateway through a specific process known since Ancient times for linking these individual stars to individual chakras. This linkup is made by envisioning the golden infinity symbols between your chakras connecting each chakra to the specific star, or sun to which it is being linked.


Sacred Sound healing with Singing bowls activating the frequency of Light with Molly Kubes


“Discovery of your own soul’s myth is a vital part of your healing and reawakening”
You’re Soul will experience a profound sense of stirring, Awakening your SOUL-STAR imprinting you with your own Soul creation energy encoded within your DNA for your lifetime, Light Language transmissions from the key codes of our Solar star Sun, and upgrading your Lightbody in accordance with your resonances to embody ONEness. When this exhilarating alignment is made, you will be impulsed to remember your power to create your own reality, heal yourself and literally restructure and destructure your form to move through dimensions, time and beyond time and space. Leaving you inspired, stimulated relaxed with a deep sense of peace.

BY suggested DONATION of $20 or pay what you can

WEDNESDAY AUG 9 @ 8:30 – 10:30 pm

Pier 8 Skate Pad
 Hamilton Ont
   After you will be emailed the Receiving Details Passport for this transmission anywhere along the astral plane or location on the planet.




Aloha Family of Light!

We finally made it to the Universal 1 year! 2017 in numerology equals a 1! Meaning it is a year to kick start and launch not only your legacy but dare to do sh*t that scares you so that transcend fear and risk living in passion, vitality and grace become the common ground.

This is definitely the year to move forward and the astrology of the now also indicates that as all planets between Jan 8 to Feb 6 dissolving the chaos of 2016 and the finale of mercury Rx. you will feel as if everything is FINALLY falling into place, while some call it fate, many astrologers, seers and light-workers will claim this as a powerful time to manifest and say its important to be intentional about what we want out of life.

“All Planets in Direct Motion offers us an organic synchrnotistic, harmonious collective journey and celestial flow” Darryn Hope

Embrace the hope and transcend energy as we together launch our legacy for the next decade. I wrote this on Jan 11, 2017 (1-11-1) a power vortex of energy day that ignites the soul and allows wishes, dreams and goals to take root and grow with the intention of (time sliding for meditation next Tuesday as time doesn’t exist)! Join us in person or on the astral plan for the holographic transmission as we set your intentions to the universe and allow them to take flight and let your Soul soar!

SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY; Miracles of the Violet Flame.

Here’s the invocations:3xs once for each body(emotional, mental, spiritual bodies)

Beloved Magic I Am Presence, Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings and Legions of Light,seize hold inactive and transmute all wrong thought-forms,  human concepts, opinions, blame and all carnated entities in or around me, my world and affairs; also in and around all in governmental positions and all individuals with destructive intent, and in and around all mankind.  replace them with ascendant masters substance, illumination, love right desire and action.
And this is fabulous for clearing your energy every night.

***Beloved Magic I Am Presence, make my body and bed a great mass of Violet Flame, take out all unnecessary substance and misquailfied energy. ***
Beloved Magic I Am Presence, while this body sleeps see that I render the greatest service of which I Am capable through my own Christed Self.

After being around some heavy energies –
Magic I Am Presence, blaze through and around me the transmuting Violet Flame, they sacred fire, purify and transmute now all impure desires, hard feelings, wrong concepts, imperfect records, causes,cores,effects and memories, known or hidden.  Keep this flame sustained and all powerfully active. replace all by pure substance power of accomplishment and the divine plan fulfilled.

In the name of my I Am Presence and the Ascendant Masters I say to all human creation ‘you have no power.

These are the mantras I say 3xs each – one for spirit, mind, body. Before  bed and sometimes throughout the day. You feel the difference immediate.

Let me know how you feel from them, they will really improve your energy, strengthen your boundaries and your overall outlook.