Aloha Magickal Soul!

Step through a shimmering multi-dimensional doorway of  Ascension Star – Gateways; Dragon Ley Lines, Rose Codes  & Portals;

This Cosmic journey through the elements, timelines and space continuum merge the ancient-future mysteries, rhythms & cycles. 

A secret knowledge that has been – hidden in plain sight – for thousands of years.


Elevate  your Body, Gifts, and Divinity;

Embrace your vastness,

Synthesize all of your Souls dimensions,

Spark your creativity,

Explore the many yet undiscovered horizons in the Oasis of you’re Souls Grotto

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An award-winning Oracle of Destiny, Charlotte Szivak is  a Galactic Soul Alchemist, Quantum Healer, Spiritual Ascension Mentor, and the Founder of Goddess Alchemy Collective. She was born on a New Moon Solar Eclipse, which gifted her with X-Ray vision, and full sensory perception. A Visionary, Charlotte – has appeared on numerous international TV and radio shows, including CTV, Global TV, USA, & Discovery. The Official Psychic on Y108FM ‘Mornings and featured in ELLE Canada, REUTERS, and Yahoo!  Charlotte expertly guides thousands of global souls to complete alignment with their vision,  inner sacred union and the priestess path by awaken their brilliance, elevating their ecstatic embodiment, gifts and divinity with online sacred programs, retreats 1:1 and living light transmission offerings.