A Note From Charlotte



It is said that in time all mysteries shall be revealed…


his is Charlotte Szivak and I am so thrilled that you ended up here at my virtual energy sacred garden!  Step through the illuminated Multidimensional Doorway… 


Beyond the Vortex into a hidden in plain sight magical realm of illumination igniting the magic of your Divine Radiance,  Awakening your Inner Sanctuary, explore your sacred roots, discover your Cosmic Heritage while connecting with expansive Sacred Transmissions that elevate your consciousness revealing Universal Wisdom of Women’s Mysteries, embodying greater intuitive self-awareness to anchor your fully Realized Master Self.  Awaken the Language of Light that infuses you with infinite possibilities.

Activate your Divine Diamond Body of Light.

Experiencing the extraordinary powerful gift of transcendence as you embrace the deepest recesses of paralyzing pain to pure positive energy igniting your Soul to thrive, becoming more present with magnetic clarity thereby launching your legacy.

The path towards wholeness begins with the emptiness of the void; an Alchemical fusion of the unknowable great mysteries of the universe creating unlimited potential and infinite possibilities with your birthright of abundance your intentions create your reality in a MOMENT TO MOMENT unveiling in a divine orchestration of synchronicities…


You begin allowing yourself to experience the beauty of your divine nature acknowledging that you are part of a magnificent whole.

Speak the New language so a new world appears. – Rumi

Our intention here is to honor you as a sovereign soul for all aspects of your multidimensional self embracing your inner sanctuary and becoming ONE with All that IS. Awakening your Mighty I AM PRESENCE God -self in all your relationships.

The quieter you become the more you hear. – RUMI

Through the rising of the Inner Sun you BEcome a Ray of Light shining from within – inspiring all whom encounter anchoring HEAVEN as a conduit of the Divine Current – Actualizing Spirit BEcoming Matter. You become the maSTARpiece you were created to BE!

If you wish to know the secrets of the universe think in terms of vibration, energy and frequency. – Tesla

As ever I AM so humbly grateful for your Divine presence, all the lessons we learn, share and grow together on this journey of illuminated wisdom.