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Charlotte Szivak, presents:

Initiations of Light

Temple Membership

Included in this
Sacred container
discover the

combined magick of:

Monthly healings and ceremonies with the latest energetic upgrades (decode/recode – realign to cosmic frequencies), Initiations of Light from stargates, dimensions, lineages, womb, Quantum codes of Ascension & Manifestation, Ancient Teachings, Modern Rituals, and Q & A

Every month members receive a full living Lightbody transmission healing to activate, transform and infuse light, this is your monthly energy upgrade re-aligning  you into the constant cosmic and earth grid changes to their soul’s highest timeline

Monthly Crystalline Creatrix grid that quantifies and accelerates your energetic frequency, reset, rewire and resurrect your Prosperity & Abundance Codes and Intuition. 

Monthly Sacred Circle of Fire Ceremony where we will clear negativity, karmic wounds, blocks, distortions and astral debris that has been keeping  you stuck and in overwhelm

When you join, you will have instant access to the Chamber of light-encoded meditations, divine transmissions, holographic soul journeys, and Portal Activations

monthly ceremony

Sacred Initiations Including


✨Powerful tools & rituals for the modern-day alchemist

Anchor cosmic frequencies – feel divine synchronicity & Guidance in your everyday life

Alchemical transmutation of matter – Lift your Vibration Body & Soul united

Work with ancient Mystery School teachings, while also anchoring and integrating our highest timeline Future- Self

Cultivate more profound knowledge and connection with Higher Self 5D -12D and Star Ancestors

Shadow work, Ancestral and Karmic Journeying

Sound encoded frequency Healing/Activation; Reclamation of your Voice

Ancestral Genetic line and Lineage clearing: Reclaiming your highest Ancient gifts and treasures

Shamanic Journey that reframes, reconnects and revitalizes your soul fragments

Channeled Invocations
Journey to Crown your life
Chiron Wounded Healing

When crystals

are activated in a sacred geometric grid formation, they magnify your intentions for energy transformation. The energy current travels through Earth’s crystalline grid, which contains major portals, vortexes, and inter-dimensional pathways that connect Earth to other dimensional worlds/higher planes of existence/Star Systems, Planets & Cosmos. Utilizing a personal crystalline grid helps to create a harmonious balance with Mother Earth and further anchors your energy into the physical plane quantumly.


The transformational

fire ceremony is traditionally held on (or close to) the full or new moon of each month. It is a time to come together in community to support one another in sacred circle to ask the powerful, honorable fire to help us release the heavy, dark energies that no longer serve us.

PLUS: Private Soul Inspired Community

designed to connect, share and grow with other healers, lightworkers, coaches, seekers, intentional manifestors, creative midwives, empaths, soul-centered God/desses,  the spiritually sovereign, and anyone holding space for others.


Plus Additional Live Event Bonuses!

Holographic Journey’s for 4 Eclipse Portals, Lionsgate, & NYE Sphinx Odyssey with Living Light Transmissions

With Additional Retreat options to Hawaii, Banff, Avalon, and/or Egypt
More details to come on this later in 2023!

Does This Speak To Your Soul?

There Are Several Ways to Join INITIATIONS OF LIGHT...

I know the transformative power that working with these unique frequencies has, so if you feel drawn to work with me it would be an absolute honour for me to welcome you inside the temple! 💞

You can get started today for $88 Monthly, $222 Quarterly (Save 20%) or $888 Annually (2 months free!)


Membership subscriptions are auto-renewing. By signing up, you will gain access to all upcoming LIVE events as well as recordings of past events, beginning on 10/25/22. At the time of purchase, you will be granted access to The Member Only Portal portion of the website and all the materials within for unlimited use, as long as you remain a member.

Due to the nature of digital products, there are no refunds on purchases of the Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual subscription plans. Your satisfaction is our priority, so please contact us if there is any way we can assist with whatever you need.

When choosing the Monthly package, you are committing to a minimum of 3 months. Like anything new, this membership needs time to integrate for you to see results. If you desire to change your plan type or cancel, please reach out to us at

If you are unsure what your needs are now, consider a Monthly plan, you can always upgrade at a later date!

To join, simply follow the checkout link and choose your membership option. You can pay via PayPal, a credit or debit card securely through ThriveCart. Additional details will be emailed to the email address provided during checkout.

We can’t wait to see you inside: Initiations of Light!