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Aloha Beautiful Magickal Soul!

It is said that in time all mysteries shall be revealed



On a Cosmic journey through the elements, timelines and space continuum merging the ancient-future mysteries, rhythms & cycles. 

A secret knowledge that has been – hidden in plain sight – for thousands of years.

A w a k e n

Elevate  your Body, Gifts, and Divinity;

Embrace your Vastness,

Integrate all of your Souls dimensions,

Spark your creativity,

Embody your Sovereignty,

Explore the many yet undiscovered horizons within the Oasis of you’re Souls Sacred Site


About Charlotte

Charlotte is a visionary writer, Galactic channel, Alchemystic, Quantum Soul Healer, Spiritual Ascension Mentor, Womb Priestess and the Founder/Creatrix of the Goddess Alchemy Collective.   Featured in numerous international TV and radio shows, including CTV, Global TV, USA, & Discovery. The Official Psychic on Y108FM ‘Mornings 10+ years and featured in ELLE Canada, REUTERS & Yahoo!

Born in the Waterfalls Capital of the World on a New Moon Solar Eclipse, gifting her with X-Ray vision and full sensory perception, since 1994 Charlotte supports and passionately guides women to help hear their soul’s voice in alignment with their vision, soul medicine, inner sacred union and the many faces of the Goddess-Priestess-Queen spiraling path by awakening the Royal road of their brilliance, elevating their ecstatic embodiment, gifts and divinity through ceremonial leadership, cyclic living, sacred programs, retreats, 1:1 Oracle guidance readings, mentorships and living light transmission offerings.

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Charlotte offers 1:1 Oracle readings in person (while on tour) or virtually, year round. She additionally hosts a monthly membership: Initiations of Light as well as other mentorship programs, Sophia Magdalene and Embodied Transcendence. To round out her offerings are Encoded Frequency Healing Sessions, Holographic Journeys and Retreats. You can learn more about each one here!

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Please Join Us In Community

Here within this sacred womb cave lies deep and powerful Magick

 Supports and reawakens the Royal Road of the Goddess – Priestess – Queen, & Higher Conscious Beings whom identify with she/her; The Divine Feminine essence within, through and surrounding us all.  Ignite the flames of ecstatic embodiment of the soul medicine within you to bud, rise, and bloom.

Come join our lit sacred fire ceremonies, anchor deep into the wisdom of the Earth’s crystalline womb cave, remembering the ancient moon rituals, calling in the sacred spaces and places in all directions of times, space and parallel Universes.

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