Welcome To Initiation!

Aloha Beautiful Souls! I am beyond excited that you are here and for what is in store!

Where to start; Ignite the Temple

  1. Join our private Soul Initiation Temple Facebook Community

Join our Temple community to stay connected & flowing with your sacred inner journey

This private group is a high-frequency space where you can commune with other like-minded spiritual souls as well as receive some cosmic inspiration

To join our wonderful community click [here.]

IMPORTANT: When asked use the password “INITIATION”

  1. Discover your Chiron

If you don’t already know your Chiron (your core wounding) then make sure you firstly go into the Temple Library where you’ll find the Chiron Workshop. Underneath the Chiron video, you’ll find a tab that says resources – here you’ll find the Chiron calculator so you can work out what your Chiron is.

  1. Monthly Healing Sessions

Every month, you’ll receive an Initiation Living Light Healing Transmission group session over the dark/new moon and also participate etherically in a Sacred Circle of Fire ceremony.

You have nothing to do, I will call you in each month and will upload the feedback & recommendations for that month in our portal. So even if you don’t manage to meditate or do any other spiritual work, you’ll still be receiving high-frequency energy every month – yeah!

If you wish to work more closely with the energies then you’ll find a monthly recommendation list that you can use to support you through that lunar month

  1. Monthly Recommendations

Each month I will create a recommendation list of meditations, workshops &/or Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys to watch. These recommendations are to support you to integrate the frequencies that came through in the healing

  1. Day-to-Day Living

The Initiations of Light Temple was in part created as a Lightworkers tool kit, where no matter what time of day or night it is you have access to a wide range of high-frequency meditations, spiritual teachings, ancient wisdom, cosmic activations & sacred site vortex codes.

Use these tools as often as you feel guided or when you feel yourself getting stuck, sinking energetically or in need of an extra boost.

The more you use these frequency tools the quicker you’ll move through your decoding/recoding cycles.

With grace, love and gratitude toward the unfoldment of your soul’s journey

💖 Charlotte