Sands of Magick no words

Holographic Transmissions Live From Egypt!

Beyond the Holographic Sands of Time;
The Wonders of Egypt

Sands of Magick

Egyptian Alchemy

As we stand at the threshold of our sacred journey, envision your spirit unfurling like a lotus flower, ready to bloom under the gentle caress of the Nile’s timeless waters. Join us on a mystical voyage, a holographic  pilgrimage to Egypt, where the ancient temples along the Nile await, brimming with wisdom and healing transmissions.
Egypt is home to an abundance of undiscovered Temples, Portals, and Grid Alignments that act as powerful gateways for Sirian Stargate codes. There is a renaissance in advancement, inspired by our visions of the Sacred Sites that have been hidden and dormant for many thousands of years.

In addition to guiding several online activations and living light transmissions, I have been called to travel to Egypt to discover and awaken more about the Planetary Grid activations, vortexes  and cosmic downloads.

These activations are essential for our healing and development as Embodied Transcendent Beings. We now have the chance to quicken our progress while anchoring and infusing the Temple of Ascension codes within our blood, bones and DNA, awakening the Mind of Light and transfiguring our Galactic blueprint.

You will receive transmissions and high frequency Sirian Stargate Initiations on this activation tour from particular spots in Egypt. You will also receive 12 Strand DNA healing, Sirian Stargate Light Codes, Lyran sound codes, Chakra re-templating, empowering and other energetic transmissions of light according to your atomic structure and vibratory frequency bringing forward an archway of understanding that connects Heaven and Earth together.

egypt door

For each vortex temple you are energetically and holographically anchored into precise grid point positions gridded into each sacred location within its Ley Line /Earth Grids divine design. Thus enabling you to receive the healing energy benefits and the cellular shift of the sacred site/grid point that we will be interfacing with.

Included in Your Holographic Journey Package is:

For each vortex temple you are energetically and holographically  anchored into precise grid point positions gridded into each sacred location within its Ley Line /Earth Grids divine design. Thus enabling you to receive the healing energy benefits  and the  cellular shift of the sacred site/grid point that we will be interfacing with.

Opening Ceremony

Embrace the new heart template and elemental healing gifted from Isis, Hathor, and Sekmet as a prelude and in preparation for your living light transmission journey of holographic expansion.

A quest through the Mysteries, ceremonies, sacred sites of Ancient Egypt in ritual and reverence. An immersion into the sacred sites, temples and pyramids of Khemet.

Unlock soul memories, uncover mystery teachings and walk the path of the ancient ones with curiosity and gratitude.
It is said that the Pyramids and Temples of the Khemet are Gateways to the Gods. And the Ancient Egyptians were astonishingly intentional about every detail in creating these magnificent structures. From the sheer precision of architecture to perfectly aligning with the stars, to the intricate paintings, hieroglyphs and symbols that adorn the inner chambers.

Temples of light transmissions from:
*Temple of Philae - Isis Temple
*Kom Ombo

And special LIVE STREAM on 12/12:
The Orion-Sirian Stargate Activation on the Portal of Ascension

🌌 The Temple of Luxor 🌌

dedicated to the divine union of Amun-Ra. Under the cosmic embrace of Pleiades, Artcurturs, Sirian, Lyran, and Vega star nations, the solar codes of light infuse our souls as we walk the avenue of sphinxes. Here, healing frequencies from the cosmos blend with earth’s energies and the sacred geometry of the temple’s architecture aligns our chakras. In this celestial symphony, we open our hearts and minds to receive the alchemical transformations that Egypt offers.

The sacred site of Luxor Temple is built to reflect the structure of the human form, yet it harnesses the stellar consciousness. Awakening the Divinity codes that lie dormant; waiting within the crystal in your body. As your body interacts with the etheric body of this temple an alchemical process of awakening occurs, one of the many gifts of this temple offers you the freedom from the limited perspective of who and what you are.

🌌 The Temple of Kom Ombo 🌌

At Kom Ombo, the duality of light and shadow converge. As we contemplate the crocodile and falcon gods, Sobek and Horus, let us embrace our own dualities, move beyond the charge of polarity guided by the cosmic forces. With the final days of Pluto in Saturn the deep dive into our shadow, pain and ego has never been more relavent then now. You’ll gain the ability to include positive and negative as one unified field in a state of Equilibrium, and expand as you neutralize any overlays or charges that may be suppressing your unique essence and return to the ideal frequency for each aspect of your being. May this temple’s healing vibrations and sacred geometry aid in balancing our inner conflicts, while the goddess Isis blesses us with her nurturing grace under the cosmic gaze.

🌌 The Temple of Philae 🌌

Set amidst the tranquil waters of Aswan, the Temple of Philae honors the goddess Isis. Here, under the starlight of Pleiades, Artcurturs, Sirian, Lyran, and Vega, we shall attune our hearts to the divine feminine, inviting healing and compassion to flow through us, guided by the sacred geometry that underpins the universe. Here you will enliven your ability to truly and completely align with pure love. As you embody pure love consciousness the four separate parts of your body, mind, emotions and spirit will meld into wholeness and unity awakening your brilliance on an even deeper level. Awakening the divine design of your incredible skill and adeptness in the realm of the unseen.

Feel the waters of the Nile wash away all that no longer serves you, receive the initiation of the Priestess from Isis with the illuminated Robe of Light transforming your essence with Egyptian alchemy.

Special Live Streamed 12/12 Event

The Orion-Sirian Stargate Activation on the Portal of Ascension from;

The Hidden Temples of Isis (no general public access)
Receive the Celestial Frequencies Stargate retemplating activation within your heart, body and consciousness which will reconfigure and upgrade your entire energetic system into a Temple of Ascension. Unlock the power of your voice with a throat chakra activation

What's Included:

🌹 💌Recorded {Replay} for those who cannot join us LIVE

🌹Suspended Activation in Astral Realm till you are ready to receive

🌹 Interdimensional Passport Activation Template

🌹 5 – hours of Priest/ess Plasma Light code frequency, key, and Rose codes download Higher self from 5D through 12D

🌹 Healing Shields Activator Grid

🌹Destiny Codes Activation

🌹Lemurian Crystalline Water Blessing & Activation

🌹 Platinum White Light Fire  Cleanse

🌹 Crystalline Gaia grid
🌹108 Prism of your Pineal Gland {Third Eye}

🌹 Diamond -Light Plasma Womb & Hara

🌹 Sound bath Healing Journey

🌹 Ancestral DNA Transfiguration Chamber

🌹 Multi-Dimensional Lightbody healing

🌹 Galactic Krystalline Gridding Activation

🌹 Gaia Sophia Dragon Ley Lines Activation

🌹 Online sacred Facebook portal; to connect, share and healing commune

🌹 Ignited Altar of  Crystals, flowers

🌹 Sacred Space Preparation
Investment for Holographic tour living light transmission of 3 Temples and the 12/12 LIVE STREAMED Portal of Ascension event




As a Visionary, Charlotte supports and guides women to hear their soul’s voice in alignment with their vision,  soul medicine, &  inner sacred union. She is an International Best-selling author, Award-winning Oracle, Galactic channel, Quantum Soul Healer, Spiritual Ascension Mentor, Womb Priestess and Founder/Creatrix of the global Goddess Alchemy Collective.

Featured in numerous international TV and radio shows, including Discovery, USA Global TV, & CTV. The Official Psychic on Y108FM’s Mornings for 10+ years and featured in ELLE Canada, REUTERS & Yahoo!

Born in the Waterfalls Capital of the World on a New Moon Solar Eclipse, gifting her with X-Ray vision and full sensory perception. She is an  EPIC cosmic adventurer and can be found igniting pillars of light, while co-creating sacred spaces on tours, retreats, and online. Charlotte weaves  Initiations of Light for her soul clients  journeying along the Royal road of their brilliance, elevating  ecstatic embodiment, gifts and divinity through ceremonial leadership, cyclic living, sacred programs, retreats, 1:1 Oracle guidance readings, mentorships, and living light transmission offerings.

She’s fueled by  fire ceremonies, soul activations, & TACOS!