12/12 Portal of Ascension - REPLAY

How to Receive this Transmission

All you need to do is simply sit in meditation or lie down to open to receive WHEREVER YOU ARE IN THE WORLD. Center yourself, clear your mind, and become receptive and still. 

When you are sitting/lying down to receive your transmission - please use this incredibly receptive time to feel the depths of your being. Feel your Stargate portals within your body - the womb(hara), heart and soul.

Allowing yourself to release your consciousness to wander in the realm that contains this stream of consciousness as you commune with the mysterious aspects of the Soul gifts from your Divine Blueprint. You may lie down at any time you wish, but please remain in a silent space as the transmission usually comes in waves. 

After the transmission, it is best to stay quiet and internal, as the transmission will integrate deeper into your body, mind and soul including the nervous system. The more peaceful and more internal you stay afterwards, the deeper and quicker the healing with integration. 

You may also wish to wash your wrists with cold water to help you ground yourself back into your body and/or take a luxurious soak in hot water with Epson Salt/Eucalyptus or Cedar to assist with the integration. 

The process usually takes about 3 - 5 days. Notice how you respond to different people and situations in the days afterwards and what shifts for you. Please feel free to journal your experiences.  

ARRIVE in your Sacred Space ignite and be ready to soar!

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