Lets set up your Goddess chat heart to heart sacred plan towards your rapid healing and ascension

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4-month sacred transmission Custom coded vibrational immersion to infuse your ecstatic power, unlock your purpose, sacred gifts and create wealth like a Queen.  

This is a sacred invitation, a reawakening of your inner knowing,  shake off your cloak of invisibility, releasing all self-doubt, fear, and silence. RISE Sistar.  Rise up in your radiant power, liberate your voice, embody your wild feminine, ignite your soul -dreams with energy, fierce love, and unstoppable vision. 

This life-changing program is only for you if you’re ready to OWN YOUR POWER, HEAL YOUR SOUL, and ALTER THE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE. 

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Dancing out the toxic energy, drop the money fears draining your life force as you awaken your Inner Goddess of gold to feel rich, vibrant, lit up and ready to be the Co-Creatrix Priestess – Queen of your reality.

What you’ll get: 

Akashic Light Temple: Karmic Ancestral DNA patterning to infinite receiving

Goddess DNA Temple: Rich master Cell activations re-linking your energetic, physical, emotional and mental body with the crystalline Grid Geometry of the Goddess.   

Star Transmission Temple: Align with the Diamond Rose Codes of Venus, Pleiades  and Sirius Starseed wisdom

Birthquake Womb Temple: Ignite the fierce and radical love of the Crystalline Goddess Grid.  

 Temple of Initiation: Activate your Abundance and Prosperity Conscious Codes

Temple of Blissness Strategy: Awaken your Blissness codes 

Temple of the Sovereign Queen-dom: Receive the Divine Mother’s pearls of wisdom coronation, forgiveness of all past lives, opening up your new inner sanctuary. 

Temple of the Christos -Sophia Vortex: Embody the Tantric Infinity 

Consciousness creating Heaven on Earth. 



Opening Ceremony

Priestess Power LIVES

Alchemical Priestess – Lift your Vibration 

Sound Healing/Activation; Reclamation of your Voice

LIVE Ceremonial Webinars for the 

Holy and High holy days of the wheel of the year, Eclipses and

Magdalene feast days 

Shamanic Journey that reframes’, reconnect your soul fragments

Shadow work, Ancestral and Karmic Journeying

Channelled Invocations

Journey to Crown your life