portalsFANTASTIC! Hit the nail numerous times. Excellent communicator. I will definitely see her again.
Richard, Toronto

Non-believers WILL believe after a reading with Charlotte. She was BANG ON with my reading.
Samantha Bonilla

More than just vague references, helpful and uplifting. Left feeling light-headed and happy.
Shannon, Ottawa

Absolutely incredible! Amazing connection. Very fulfilling and life changing. Thank-you.
Richard, Sri Lanka

Charlotte’s energy and insight literally brought tears to my eyes – she is absolutely wonderful and I hope to cross paths with her again in the future. Many Thanks.
Jane Harris, Toronto

Thank you for opening me up and centering my focus. So accurate about so much, I was shocked.;
Brenda George, London England

Thanks you so much! I feel cleansed, refreshed and clear-minded. Wow! God Bless.
Bonnie Welshman, Hamilton

Wow.  Steph Parker

I feel great, enlightened, light, positive and unstressed. Thanks.
Rose, Hamilton

 Thank you so much for all your work. I just love it because it shows you are one of the few who really loves and understands animals and we need that more on earth.
Piphany & Gabriela, Toronto

Spiritual Readings My goodness, have I ever been awakened to a whole new realm of insight, awareness and inspiration. I am simply blown away – in a positive sense. Charlotte has, in a mere half hour just helped me to look at myself and my potential in the world in a whole new way. Thank you for opening my eyes and leading me to a life of long – term fulfillment and a sense of entitlement for what life has to offer.
Sincerely, Steven, Beamsville

transformA real awakening. She confirmed many of my hopes and fears and gave me real solid guidance.
Gail, Hamilton

I’ve never had a reading like this, the angels spoke through you. Thank you for guiding me with my life decisions. You read me like a book. Tammy, Windsor

WOW Charlotte! The number of times I have walked past readers and like minded people and never stopped. You provided clarity and answers and I was in awe of the energy from you. I promise to follow your guidance, you have opened up for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Cheryl, Hamilton

When the student is ready the teacher will appear” – thanks for being on my path. Merci.
Helen, Peterborough

Thank you very much Charlotte – your insights were very confirming, affirming & certainly rang very true for me. You’ve given me great confidence to proceed and know I’m on the right path in all the help, divine guidance that I need, love and laughter.
Marja, Hamilton

Thanks for your inspriations. You are an amazing soul.
Nadine, Belleville

Greeting Charlotte. You are gifted & very personable being – maybe angel. Thank you for your insights and opening the door to let the light in.
Helen, Burlington

WOW! Everything that was unexplainable is now clear! It was scary! At first I didn’t grasp it but everything just fell into place. You are an amazing woman. Thanks for the hug, tissue (ha!ha!) and
Barbi, Belleville

At a loss for words.
Duane, Los Angeles, California

Charlotte, You are so enlightening and helped me make sense of my life. Thank you for opening up my eyes to so many feelings hidden deep within. I am now looking forward to the months ahead.
Connie, Windsor

Charlotte is fantastic. She was so right on. She put everything in such great perspective for me. It made my life make so much sense. She is full of love, light and grace. SO AWESOME.
With love & Light, Bert, Belleville

Thank you so much! Every part of the reading was dead on! such an amazing experience and I love the rabbit! I had a “BEARY” good time.
820 CHAM Country bear (Candace), Hamilton

UNBELIEVABLE! The most down to earth, sweet NATURAL healer! I love you. YOU BLEW MY MIND!!!
Kim, Windsor

Thank you sincerely. I feel like I’ve been injected with a dose of hope and happiness. You have a wonderful spirit and I look forward to next year so I can give you an update about all the positiveness that will have entered my life.
Peace, Mary. Hamilton

Charlotte – 2 years in a row now! You’re accuracy & guidance amazing. I am so thankful that you are here this year….Looking forward to connecting again next year.
Kate, London

Gentle, gracious and honest – more than safe but virtous to a frazzeled first timer such as me. Thank you and fond wishes.
Connor, Toronto

Thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough to say for the absolute great reading you gave me. Everything you said was so true and insightful. You really touched my heart and feel this great connection. I value everything you said and did for me. Looking forward to another reading in the future! Thank you so much again.
Christina, Hamilton

Charlotte is just amazing. I’ve been to her twice and she just continues to blow my mind. She is
genuine honest and beautiful all around. She has really impacted how I think and deal with my life. Thanks.
Kia, Toronto

The fates brought me here to see you tonight. Your reading was calming and gave me the answers to questions I didn’t know I had. Thank you for your empowerment.
Sincerely, Crystal, Kitchener

I waited two years, returned and the same feeling of calm and awaking I received then. Honesty comes in her words and actions.
Lacey, Toronto

For a psychic to read another psychic takes extraordinary skill and a sharper clarity. To read another psychic well takes a true lack of ego and a huge heart. Charlotte has all that – trust what she tells you. I do.
Corbie, New York

Charlotte – unbelievable how your read exactly what is going on with me at the present time! I appreciate the insights and its reassuring to know my angels are around. Thanks for the advice.
Stay happy and well.
Patti, London

You answered all of my questions without even asking! You are amazing. Thank you for sharing
your gift.
unknown, Windsor

You are truly touched by God. You have enabled me to see with greater focus and clarity. Thank- you for the courage and strength.
Elviria, Hamilton

Excellent. Very personable and clear on her reading. I just had to sit and listen. The reading answered my questions plus gave me more insight. I liked the suggestions of the stones and books to read. Thank you.

Thanks so much – very inspiring. Accurate, helped me so much. You are an angel.
Leslie, Windsor

You answered all my questions without me asking anything. You gave me peace of mind and hope. Thank you.
Angela, Guelph

The reading was the most insightful one I have ever had. I found myself in shock with the depth of understanding and knowledge. Also she is very good as in Angel-good!
Love Jenn, Hamilton

Dear Charlotte, thank you for reading me that we truly have the inner poet to succeed and be happy. Thnx, very much for your intuition and sense of humor.
Lorna, Chile

A great read. Totally accurate. My inner feelings, concerns were revealed, answered and justified. Helped me to know that what I am currently focused on is the right way and what may get in my
way, so that I can remove it and keep going. Thank you.
Kathy, Toronto

Very insightful! Awesome reading, excellent guidance. Definitely will be back!
L.M., Kitchener

This was the most wonderful reading I’ve ever had. You better believe I will follow everything she told me to do. She was right on the button about my life. Thank you so much for your reading.
Linna, Sarina

Charlotte is very quick to read you, very accurate, encouraging. She knows what you need, is loving
and caring. Thanks.
Linda S. Hamilton

Charlotte, very specific! Thank you for helping me realize I am doing things right. Your gift is
amazing it inspires me to find my own gift. You helped me to help myself. I would love to see you again next year!
Stacy(the one with the donkey) London

A dynamic reading on the tea leaves. Very accurate!
Diane, Kitchener

Charlotte knew everything! She was so helpful in her reading. It was enlightening. I feel that she opened my path for me and shed light – like an angel guiding the light!
Amy, Toronto

Fabulous! A real pleasure to be around! You nailed everything on the head! Things nobody else would have known!
Andrea, Kitchener

Charlotte did a magnificent reading for me! She was inspirational and encouraging! Thanks so much.
Ashley, Toronto

Animal Communication and Healing Thank you for making me realize I can talk to my cat! I didn’t realize they were conscious like that, but I just had to realize it. When I got home me and my cat got through many issues and became closer! Now my relationship with my cat Scarlett is much improved!
Phillip, Montreal

Thank you Charlotte! I really needed to understand how to love myself. I thank you for helping me talk to my beloved Taffy. She meant the world to me. I will follow and read your advice. Thanks again. I can’t wait to see and feel Taffy again! Patty, Kitchener

It was excellent. Very accurate. Did not even need a picture and she was able to help me and my cat. It has clarified many things about her life.
Nicole, Toronto

Thanks for your compassion and insight. You’ve set me on a new path – my true path- Thanks
for me & Rascal.
Judy, London

0000covers10Pepper, static, I thank you for sharing in our awe reunion and bring love to us all.
Happily ever after, Karen, London

Charlotte was amazing. She helped me understand how I was hurting myself and in turn my horse.
She did an amazing job, I really look forward to helping myself in the future to stop worrying about everything.
Thanks, Cassy, London

What a great reading I had! It really opened my eyes and mind. Helped me actually figure out what was going on in my life.
Rose Cheng, Ottawa

Thanks for a great read. Stay on your path, I can tell that you love it. Despite my stone face you did answer all my questions. I’ll take the advice because it was given out of love. Love for what you do and what you are. I never saw myself believing but I now see that I have to step off. You may remember me as the luckiest man alive. I will enjoy it.
Kevin Doak, Windsor

A million thanks, you’ve given me the strength to do what I know needs to be done. Thanks.
Mary, Newmarket

She was 100% accurate on things. She knew me better then I knew myself. Thank you girlfriend! I love you sweet – pea!
Love Sam, Ottawa

[You really touched my heart and soul especially when ‘Rosie’ spoke to you (my passed on dog). I’ll take your advice and run with it.
Jennifer, Guelph

Thank you for reconnecting with me with my dogs. the release of the guilt I felt was greatly appreciated. The accuracy uncanny.
Tod, Belleville

A wonderful day dealing with Charlotte and Rhino. Very interesting, informative. A lovely lady indeed. Very energetic! Love the rose crystals.
Jack B. The Toronto Sun

0dHealing Thank you so much. I really felt a lot of energy and relief. I felt at ease and you really helped me put clarification in my life. I am going to take your advice. You really made me realize a lot of things about myself that I was scared to see on my own. Thanks again so much. You changed my life.
Mariangela, Toronto

Inspiring, revitalizing and awaking. This meeting was dead on and gave me faith in myself. Thanks.
Katheryn, Montreal

Very moving, accurate, helpful, intense, calming and uplifting. thanks so much.
R.S. Toronto

Charlotte you are an angel who has blessed us on earth! thank you for your insight and guidance.
You have helped me to see my path.
Cathie, Hamilton

Truly amazing! You have an incredible gift for seeing into my heart and soul and speaking the truth about what lies within. You have been a powerful influence in my life. Thank you!
Francis, Belleville

So awesome I can’t explain it! The energy I would come again. Try it you won’t regret it.
S.L., Niagara Falls

Thank you so much! You have helped me to better understand what is going on in my life. Everything just falls together and makes a lot of sense. Thank you for helping me to understand and helping me to see all the things that I trey to hide and run from. This session has definitely changed my life. I can’t thank you enough!
Kong Hem, Windsor

All the pain in my body went away. That blew my mind!
K.G., California

buddaloThank you, thank you, thank you. This is just a great day for all living souls. You have amazing energy and are bang on! I will be more positive and work on my energy. Peace, love and light. Nancy, Ottawa

Thanks for bring me peace of mind and a fresh focus!
Sharon, Toronto

Amazing and accurate with my health issues. I was very impressed with her various knowledge to
help heal myself.
Lisa, Dubia

What a natural healer! Uplifting experience and the knowledge she had about my pain blew my mind. You are a true blessing and a gifted healer, you changed my life. Merci. Marie-francis, Montreal