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Aloha Beautiful!

We’re in this together C*A*N*A*D*A, and as much as we miss seeing you this spring, this is our new reality for the time being. I AM just so g r a t e f u l that you’re here!

It would be a pleasure to offer support by means of a;

  • Psychic phone reading,
  • Zoom or Viber,
  • Healing activation’s and meditation,
  • 120 -day Golden Goddess Mentorship program offer.

Please join in my sacred siSTARhood healing vortex Facebook group GODDESS ALCHEMY, a sparkling community of Spiritual Wombmxn, Alchemical Moon Priestesses, Witches, and Awakening Maidens gathered in a sacred space devoted to your Inner and Collective Rise, Reclamation and Ressurection of the Goddess.

Book your session below by selecting a time that best suits you, Payment is accepted as EMT, Paypal or CC options.

In response to this emotional roller coaster,  below you will find support in integrating these new frequencies, strengthening your energy, and ability to reconnect, centring yourself. 

Please visit my free  RESOURCES/ACTIVATION – VIDEOS. These videos will assist with grounding, realigning yourself and/or finding some peace with creating your own healing vortex and daily rituals, these powerful meditations will activate your body temple allowing your soul to descend into creating heaven on earth.  A soulful 3 mins to add to your daily ritual. 

Don’t forget to join my free private Facebook community