Her - stroy

Please join in our  Global Sacred Re-Union Collective Mysterium healing sacred sanctuary space.

A radiant community of Spiritual Wombmxn, Alchemical Moon Priestesses, Witches, Medicine Womb Shamans,  Oracles,  & Awakening Maidens and who identify as Her.

Reclaiming the sacred journey of the Divine Feminines’ Innate Wisdom, Mysteries devoted to HER (even male has an inner feminine) Inner and Collective Sacred, Sovereignty and Holy Rise of the Goddess. 

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I G N I T E   |  A L I G N   |   F L O W

Imagine your self surround by candles & crystals, a gorgeous S U N S E T  overlooking Hamilton harbor with the Princess Point bridge in the distance…


IGNITE Your S O U L with a Sound Bath Orchestra of Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls

ENHANCE the POWER of your C H A K R A’s Alignment with Meditation

FLOW with the multidimensional M A G I C

Awaken your G U T Wisdom with The V I B E 🔆 K O M B U C H A tasting bar!

Sooth your S O U L awaken your H E A R T with the sweet N E C T A R of C A C A O

ELEVATE your senses as a channeled LIVE ART SHOW emerges 🎨

SHIFT your world

En -L I G H T- en your P A T H.

This Life altering intuitive Magic of

E C L I P S E    S E A S O N  and the M A J O R  turning point directions of the S E A S O N S of the Y E A R; Solstice and Equinox

which is great time for a FRESH START leaving you feeling restored, awaken and ready to grove!

Surrounded by a C O M M U N I T Y  of like M I N D E D   S O U L S



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Please join us at Diamond Star Ashram of Light if your in the area for an Ascension Meditative Journey Activation Over lighted by the Company of Heaven transmitting the Celestial Councils of Light  activating  the Gateways of Love within our Divine Temples (physical bodies) for the highest benefit.

Step through the illuminated multidimensional doorway to clearing and renewing your energy and uric field while strengthening your spiritual connection enhance your connection to Source, raise your vibration, dissolving negativity, and immersing yourself in the healing power of unconditional love.    Letting go of the old and embrace and become more of who you are. Discover what in your life may benefit you at this time, positive opportunities and radiant options, while exploring and releasing that which is out of alignment with your Highest Path and brightest future.

Join us for Meditation Series;

  • Cacao ceremony
  • Crystal singing bowls
  • Live Art show
  • Ascension Breath
  • Initiations,
  • Sacred fire Ceremonies,
  • Goddess Awakening,
  • Chakra Clearing,
  • Healing Crystal Skulls,
  • Chambers of Light,
  • Shadow Wisdom Transformation,
  • Sacred Geometry Alignment,
  • Ascension Seats,
  • Ashrams of Light,
  • Munay-ki Rites,
  • Crystalline Ascension,
  • Egyptian, Pyramids,
  • Bi-Locating,
  • Soul-Traveling,
  • Symbology,
  • ONEness,
  • Archangels,
  • Angles,
  • Spiritual Awakening,
  • Master Cells,
  • DNA Transformation,
  • Moon Majik,
  • Star-gates,
  • Sacred Spaces.

SUMMER MONTH’SJoin in our growing M A G I C I A L SOUL Community that meets during the major celestial events of the Year! 

Solstice, Equinox, Eclipse Magic; Solar & Lunar at;


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We honor all the Unknown Artists , gracing our webpages with their  work & inspiration of  en-LIGHT- ening our  World as we awaken into ONEness. If your picture appears on this website uncredited, please send an email to charlotteszivak@gmail.com so we  may  added your name to the image