Awaken the Throne of your Inner Queendom 

Thirteen Moon Spiral, Live, Interactive, Virtual Holy Grail Rose Womb Sojourn
Sept 2020 – Oct 2021


Program in Process.  Enrollment Closed


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Fall Equinox Sept 21, 2021


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Please enjoy this living light meditative transmission journey  to

The Magdalene’s Galactic Grotto celebrating the Feast of the Magdalene

Within you lies a deep and powerful magick 


You are an Activator, a Queen, a healer, an Ignitor of flames, a passionate womb keeper, an oracle, a priestess, Starseed, light leader and ancient-future Goddess wisdom keeper  


It is time for the medicine within you to bud, rise, awaken, and bloom 

These sacred Venusian Templates and Diamond light code seeding have laid dormant for thousands of years locked deep within your cells, your DNA, the consciousness of Gaia and the womb of this galaxy 


 Wisdom echoing that you are the Sacred Temple,

A living breathing sacred site, a Temple of light. Through the  Halls of Isis, the  Venusian  Temple and Sophia -Magdalene Galactic Star Rose code templates; are a transmission from the trinity stargates teachers {the Heart, Womb and Yoni} having a direct connection transmission to your divine blueprint on the  ecstatic embodiment of  the highest version of your Sacred Feminine Trinity flames of wisdom, truth and power form, ushering the dawn of a new cycle in with grace; the next Golden Age, and supporting the awakening of this planet

Are you ready to step across the luminous threshold? 


To reclaim your Sacred, Sovereign and Holy self?


 🌹To  be initiated into the Sirian Star Temple of the Holy Rose Womb, an Ancient Venusian Priestess temple that was over lighted by the Kundalini Serpent Flame Queens of Hathor, Isis and the Order of the Sophia- Magdalene Star Queen Council. 


🌀This ancient-future spiraling pathway begins on the Royal Road; the most sacred pilgrimage a wombmxn can take. 


A Sovereign quest to re-member Her-story. 


 Re- Awakening the Rise of  

🌹The Sacred Feminine Mysteries of your Celestial Rose Womb Medicine through Initiations, Activations, & Ceremony harnessing the potent  Inner  Flame to;


♦️ Embody the ecstasy of your Goddess wisdom, divinity and gift codes,


♦️ Alchemizing your holy desire,


♦️ Healing  blocks, 


♦️ Dissolving trauma, 


♦️ Reclaim your divine nature,


♦️ Unleash the Voice of the Heart, Womb and Yoni,


♦️ Quantum leaping into the embodiment of the Sacred Feminine. 



The Sophia Magdalene Galactic Star Rose Mystery School of the Goddess Alchemy Collective  is a   Divinely designed Sacred Chalice container of Living Light Divine Wisdom transmission to reawaken, remember and learn from


Each Rose Alchemy Priestess Initiate follows the spiraling flow of the outer Goddess Wheel of the Year, aligned with the pulsating rhythm of the Inner Womb Medicine Wheel activating the Grail Stargate Codes in sacred harmony, cycles and rhythms with the womb of the Gaia and the Womb of all creation. 


The Goddess Wheel celebrates, marvels and honors the changing of the seasons, and the natural flow of life, connecting each shimmering thread interweaving itself from the smallest microcosm to the whole of the cosmos with Gaia’s Earth knowledge, the lunar keys, and the celestial universal star knowledge written within the stars.

These stars exist within your womb the fountain of inner wisdom -gnosis,


As above, So below

As within, so without

As we flow around the circle we are introduced to different goddesses, archangels, elements, the teachings of each sacred rose temple, with the powers and forces of nature flowing in harmony with the rhythmical pulses of Earth, Sun, Moon, and the celestial movements of the precession of the equinoxes, Sirius, the Ley lines, dragon and Rose lines across Gaia. 


Join us and discover your intricate weaving within the Universal Light of Grace. 



You, Beloved will receive; 


The Initiatory Gateways; Reclaim the shimmering threads from the Legacy of the Ancient Womb Grail Codes  embedded deep within your DNA.

Guided by the heavenly dance of the Venus pathway, unlock her rites, ascent and descent, 


The sacred sites aligning your sacred womb’s  Inner Medicine Wheel landscape with the outer Goddess Wheel of the year markers to the otherworldly web of shimmering light


Heal the Soul fragment distortions of past lifetimes, 

Reclaim your  Ancestral Sovereignty spanning from the Krystalline temples of Lemuria, travelling through the Egyptian Hieroglyphics to the Isle of Healing in Avalon and technology of Atlantis




♦️Join us on a 13-Month  Initiations online immersion Sojourn; 


🌹 Reclaim Your Divine Feminine Power, 


🌹 Activate your womb medicine,


🌹 Walk the ancient future spiraling path of the Queen Goddess Priestess.  


 You will receive;


♦️Opening Ceremony


♦️8 X 2 hours Magdalene  Mystical Rose & 🌹8  Grail Stargate LIVE Group Ceremony, Alchemical, Activations & Transmissions Aligned to the High Holy and Holy Days of the Goddess Wheel of the year


The Guardians of the Magdalene Mystical Womb were the ancient initiates of the Rose Alchemy Code Mysteries and were also the Guardians of the Grail Stargates that held the sacred Sophia wisdom as well as carriers of the Divine Feminine Flame🔥. The magnificent flame contained within the inner chalice of our womb connects us to the pulsating heartbeat of Gaia’s womb, and the comic universal womb of Sophia, our Beloved Divine Mother. 


🌙🌹📜✨Sacred Feminine Magdalene Womb Initiation devotional Mysteries, spiralling medicine wheel of the  8 Grail Stargates 


♦️1st  Stargate of the Maiden –         Yoni Lips & Clitoris


♦️2nd Stargate of the Mother –         Gspot


♦️3rd Stargate of the Crone –         Cervix


♦️4th Stargate of the Earth  Element –     Magnetic Roots of the  Womb


♦️5th Stargate of Fire Element  –         Sunrise or right Womb side & Ovaries 


♦️6th Stargate of the Air Element –     Cathedral ceiling of the Womb


♦️7th Stargate of the Water Element  –     Sunset or left Womb side & Ovaries 


♦️8th Stargate of the Cosmic Womb –     Center of the Womb Star


🌹✨🌙Rose Alchemy Chambers


















♦️ 8 X 2 Hours Starcodes’ Embodiments, Integration and Shamanic Sojourns of Ritual & Healing


🌹Unravelling the alchemical keys for inner rebirth, actualization, by the Moon Goddess Alchemy Cycle potent inner source of creativity and the cosmic chalice.  


∆ Illuminate  the power of your Holy Womb Ritual and Ceremony


∆ Sacred Rites of the Holy Womb Blood 


∆ Womb Priestess Sacred


 ∆ Rose Baths and Baptism 


∆ Blades of Truth Initiation


∆ Wombs of Transfiguration


∆ Womb of Resurrection


∆ Holy Placenta of the void 


∆ Sacred Breath of the Ovaries


∆ Yoni Egg Healing and Awakening 


∆ Crowning of the Womb Stellar Stargate



♦️8 x 1-hour Priestess Gathering Temple  Mentorship LIVE Q &  aligned to New/Full Moon


♦️Galactic Rose Passport Activation Initiation 


♦️5 x Elemental Sensory Initiation Audio Recordings

Elemental Sensory Initiation;


∆ Fire -Sight, 


∆ Ether – Sound, 


∆ Earth – Scent,  


∆ Water – Taste, 


∆ Air – Touch, 



♦️Sacred Online Womb Grotto

Where your activations, rituals  and curriculum live


Closing Coronation Ceremony