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Oracles are advanced souls that assist humans in ​awakening to their own truths to ​live the life they desire. Born on a New Moon Solar Eclipse, Charlotte was blessed with Full Sensory Perception (use of all abilities)🔮 which allows her to tune in and receive guidance & messages from your higher self.

Divine Soul Guidance

Oracles are born to balance the emotional lives of others and help them activate their soul’s passions and navigate their life paths with eternal wisdom. Charlotte unlocks the Akashic Records, igniting your Soul from Past, Present, and Future lives to become your highest, unlimited potential at the moment.✨


There are several options when booking.

Charlotte offers sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on your needs. You can save $ by purchasing a bundle of 3 sessions. Charlotte may take up to 72 hours {sometimes} to confirm your appointment as she updates her tech and is located on the EST/EDT Eastern Standard Timezone.

All sessions are done virtually (this does not have any effect on the reading itself, as energy knows no distance). Charlotte will provide you with preparatory instructions upon booking confirmation for a successful session. 💖

***As of March 2022, Charlotte is booking out for August 2022

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