Have you ever experienced uncomfortable chills or sensations upon entering a room, office or car as if being in the presence of someone? A weighted down sensation or heavy energy? Some people avoid certain rooms in their own homes, office or are afraid to be left alone because they feel like someone is there watching them.

A typical clearing takes about an hour but depending on the size of the house it might take up to 3-4 hours. As a result of releasing a spirit you will feel much lighter, more energized and your apartment, house, business or any other area will have a positive flow of radiant energy. The house cleansing, anchoring is especially beneficial when moving in or out of a place. Clients report the house selling faster or that the move is flawless. There are many benefits in clearing the energies of your home, business, and space. Negative Energy may happen for a number of reasons

Negative thoughts from current or previous owners or occupants
Disturbed emotional energy of current or previous owners or occupants
Strong conflict between people or within oneself
Non-physical beings
Ancestral Lineage, Karmic Earth/Planetary Contracts, Astrological Energetic Power Alignments, Etheric Debris, Death, Burial grounds (ancient/moved)
• A shift in the land underneath your home or disturbance in underground water may change the energy in a negative way.
• Cell phone towers, WIFI, EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequency) or power lines could cause a shift but it is also possible from devices such as cell phones, computers, or microwave ovens.
• An object in your space can also carry an energy in particular furniture (especially used), Antiques, Second-hand jewelry, works of art, anything made by hand including carpets or that symbolized a person or feeling.

All things have an energy and all things can carry an energy. This is especially true for things that people feel strong emotions while using, such as a bed or couch because their strong projected energy will move into these.
Every time you clean your home you are removing negative energy. This happens mostly because of a sub-conscious desire for fresh positive energy. Even just opening windows will bring in fresh energy as we have all experienced.

Although you cannot see energy with the naked eye, you can certainly feel it. Examples are the times you’ve met someone (or entered a room) and just didn’t get a good feeling from them. Perhaps some kind of “negative vibes”? If you have suffered ill health, accidents, arguments, lose or break things, moved – it will be helpful to clear it of negative energy. Depression, Anxiety, or other negative emotions – When you or anyone else in the house is constantly depressed, in conflict, or giving off negative energy or have a guest with negative energy your space should be cleared and often. This is especially true for any unexplained or sudden mental, physical, or emotional upset or a change after moving into a new home or office.


Cold or hot spots – cold spots are one of the most common haunting symptoms, and if any sudden variation in temperature is felt without any cause, this can be evidence. It’s more common that a cold spot is felt whether than a warm spot however.
Unexplained smells – The sudden smell or fragrance of cologne or perfume which is not present in your house. The smell comes and goes without any cause and can be accompanied by other occurrences like hearing of voices, seeing shadows and so on.
Physical assault – one can experience sudden hard shoves, scratches and even a slap. This type of physical assault is quite rare, but is definitely very disturbing.
Levitating or moving objects – you suddenly will be able to see pictures flying off from the walls, dinner plates moving on the table on its own, furniture moving on the floor and doors opening and closing with great force with no logical explanation.
Physical illnesses with no relief from medication – on shifting to places that are haunted, people suddenly are diagnosed with rare illnesses.They also experience fatigue, sleep disturbances, stress and get no relief until they leave the suspected haunted area.
Frequent nightmares- nightmares keep on increasing, sleep walking and sleep disturbances also are experienced
Objects missing and found in unexpected places – at times objects like, jewelry, car keys and money disappear from where they are kept and are then suddenly found in unexpected places like on kitchen stove, beneath the burner and other unusual places.”
Mild psychokinetic occurrence – if your home is haunted you might hear doors being closed or opened, you might even see it happen when actually no one is standing close to the door. Seeing lights turning on and off all by themselves is yet another symptom.
If you witness windows and doors locking and unlocking on their own, or your child’s power toy moving on its own, something is surely wrong and often points to that of a haunting.
A feeling of being touched – you might suddenly feel something has touched your hand, shoulder, arm or legs; Most often the same sensation felt by that of a living person or animal.
Whispers and cries – Sudden crying and whispering can be heard. All of a sudden music is heard from an unknown source, and you might hear your name being called. If more than one person hears such thing at the same time, this helps to know you’re not going crazy!
Known voices – sometimes people hear voices of someone they know, but when the voice is heard that particular person is not present in the area.

Cleansing & Anchoring of Space, Home & Business

Up to 1000 SQ.FT $225 (1 1/2  – 2hrs)
Up to 2000 SQ.FT $350 (3 hrs)
Up to 4000 SQ.FT $600 (5 hrs)
Up to 8,000 SQ.FT $1100 (8 hrs)
10,000 + SQ.FT Negotiable

Follow up if required $100 (per 1000 SQ.FT after 21days)

30 mins. Discovery
1.5 hrs. cleansing, energetic anchoring of home/space (per approx. 1000 SQ.FT)

Are you experiencing stagnant energies in your home? Are your children or pets sensitive and scared in certain areas? Are you trying to sell your home but buyers seem to turn away? House cleansing, staging and anchoring ensures that the stagnant energies are removed, spirits are let go with peace, and the house is activated for a good flow of energy. Most of the time, similarly to Chakra balancing we are able to discover deeper roots to stagnancy. An etheric blueprint of the house/space will also be cleared and activated for the highest benefit, crystalline grids if necessary, anchoring in the highest frequency of energy possible in accordance with the resonance of the house and its occupants.



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