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Charlotte Szivak offers private Spiritual coaching, Lightbody Intensives, Vibrational Frequency upgrades, and Mentorship to individuals who want consistent access to awakened awareness included from;

the Akashic Records,

Womb Wisdom,

Quantum Alchemy,

the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School Curriculum Pleiadian Council,

and Sirian High Priestesses Council

the opportunity for your Soul to  recreate remembering who you are, LIT from within while re-connecting to Source Consciousness.


You can work with Charlotte from across the globe in a traditional coaching modality, or meeting by phone or in person in hour-long sessions to address your specific spiritual needs. She will combine her vast knowledge gifting you with a custom frequency download in accordance with your vibratory resonance and atomic structure.



You can work with Charlotte to design an individualized study and practice program. These programs are designed to address areas of growth that are specific to your needs and interests. You will work with Charlotte developing the content, goals and methods of the program. Mentorship programs range from 6 months to a year in length and the cost varies depending on the nature and scope of the program.



MENTORING: Rates & Purchase Options. (Custom Packages, Travel to you also Available,  please inquire)
Upon purchase you will receive an email explaining how to schedule your sessions.


6 Month’s – Soul Ignition Mentorship- $888 CAD



1 Year’s – LIT from Within Mentorship  – $1,444 CAD



MASTERMIND; LAUNCH YOUR LEGACY ( Globe events Hawaii, California, Egypt, Sedona,  Arizona & Italy or if you have a location suggestion, please inquire for custom)






Group mentoring is available for groups of 3 to 6 people for 6-month intervals.

Please inquire




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