Step across the shimmering threshold



✨ Soul Star Activation, Meditation & Transmission

Embrace the new galactic, Lightbody initiation stellar gateway of 2021,

as we enter into the yearly alignment of the 🦚 Portal of Ascension between 12/12 and 12/21

As the Sun travels across the Galactic ☀️🌌Centre at 27 degrees Sagittarius pouring in the plasma diamond light codes

and activations before this epochal Winter ❄️ Solstice.

planets pink

Within the fires  🔥 of ♐ Sagittarius highlighting;

New beginnings,


Expansion &

the 🦢 Quantum Shift of what once was thought to be our pathway may now pivot with

unexpected vistas of new horizons to explore within theAge of Aquarius ♒🧜‍♂️🔱

Dreamtime realms will be extremely active as we clear from our multidimensional perspectives

and revisit old timelines and connections to clear up any energetic loose ends. 

Expect some prolific visions and dreams to be born

Tribal Shaman-Mandalas-by-Skybox-Creative-04

🌹 Stargates 🌹

amplify dimensional gateway openings, with the powerful annual 12:12 🦚  Portal of Ascension that opens with  combined stellar frequency combination  of the Giza Plateau & Orion’s Gateway; awakening the shimmering vortex of the Galactic Womb aligned  with  the  center of the Grand Central Sun pouring down the  expanded plasmic light of the;

⚕️Cosmic Kundalini filled with the 

                Sacred Geometries, 

                                      🗝️Key Codes, 




Language of Light and 

            🔥Fire letters trigger your

                       next level ✡️ Merkaba ✡️ 







Cosmic Consciousness and the next
steps illuminating forward into 2022

A message about the Portal & card pull 💞

Mark your calendars for: December 12, 2021

We’ll gather in our Sacred Etheric Online Temple Space on Zoom at 12:12 pm EST 

What is included in this Gateway Activation Series?

🌹 💌 Recorded {REPLAY} for those who cannot join us LIVE 

🌹 Suspended Activation in Astral Realm till you are ready to receive

🌹 Interdimensional Passport Prep Guide

🌹 Recieve  Gateway Initiations & Transmissions, Channelled Wisdom & Teachings & Initiations & Activations

🌹 Journey to the Etheric Temples, Star Systems & Higher Dimensions to receive your Keycodes, Initiations & Activations within a guided meditation living light transmission format

🌹 Experience the Cosmic Giza Plateau Etheric Temples & Orion Starbelt 

🛸 Ignite your next vibrational plasmic level  Merkaba 

🌹 Anchor the Triple Ascension Seats of Shamballa, Sirius and Orion

🌹 Lemurian Crystalline Water Blessing & Activation 

🌹 Sound bath Healing Journey

🌹 Multi-Dimensional Lightbody healing

🌹 Galactic Krystalline Gridding Activation

🌹 Online sacred Facebook portal; to connect in Sistership share and healing commune

🌹 Sacred Space Preparation

Please join us for this

🌹LIVE Online Virtual Event

♦️ Sunday, December 12th @ 12:12 pm EST

As we gather in our Sacred Etheric Online Temple Space on Zoom

🌑☀️🌑🦚 Portal of Ascension Solar Eclipse STARGATE

♦️ 2 hour Soul Journey Transmission

 Self Investment: $44.44