HER - Story


Here within this sacred womb cave lies deep and powerful magick

Goddess Alchemy is devoted to the reclamation of the radiant Divine Feminine essence within, through and surrounding us all, igniting the triple flame and ecstatic embodiment of the soul medicine within you to bud, rise awaken, and bloom.

We embrace all aspects of the Goddess in all of her cycles, chapters and ages.

Come join our lit sacred fire ceremonies, anchor deep into the wisdom of the earth crystalline womb cave, remember the ancient moon rituals, calling in the sacred spaces and places in all directions of times, space and parallel universes.



Please join in our  Global Sacred Sisterhood Mysterium healing vortex space.


A radiant community of Spiritual Wombmxn, Alchemical Moon Priestesses, Witches, Medicine Womb Shamans,  Oracles,  & Awakening Maidens and who identify as Her.

Reclaiming the sacred journey of the Divine Feminines’ Innate Wisdom, Mysteries devoted to HER  Inner and Collective Sacred, Sovereignty and Holy Rise of the Goddess.