A Stargate emerges...

It is time, Beloved?

To step beyond the Vortex of this sacred eclipse gateway?

During this extraordinary time inbetween the moments of dealth, rebirth, and renewal.

I am honoured and privileged to offer the Eclipse Gateway Activation Galactic Series, to support you through this initiation. Since 2018, at every eclipse gateway, we have gathered in ritual and ceremony honoring these cosmic moments.

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Flow upward in an Ascension Spiral with a heightened sense of wellness aligning your Inner God/dess Temple
with your Sovereign Divinity,  joy, wholeness, awakening, and enlightenment.

💨 Releasing the veils of separation & illusion,

💫 Breakdown any distortions while more of the 3D crumbles, and,

💫 like a snake, 🐍 shedding and removing deeper layers that have held us back and made us feel small.

🔥Eclipses sometimes get a bad rap because they can reveal an unexpected ghastly amount of change 🌊 yet provide incredible 🌟 new opportunities for embodiment, growth 🌱 and an open gateway 🌀 or portal into a greater flow and sync with Higher Light & incredible bliss.💗💖💗

Join us for this monumental shift in elevating your consciousness awareness 🔮 and vibration

The first governing celestial of this gateway is the Full Moon in Taurus
on November 19.

Here we are sparking the dawn of a new cycle of eclipses along the Taurus/Scorpio axis within our lives – both personally and collectively. Leading this passageway through to the finale of 2023.

Taurus being a sign associated with our needs and being a Venusian sign brings up a lot of romance and love, including financial matters, situations and manifestations. If you’ve been struggling, expect some kind of relief. But – think back to the last Taurus/Scorpio eclipse of 2013-2014. What lessons, challenges, and gifts of wisdom did you receive? 

Many have been experiencing feeling tired, drained, and having no energy to do anything, or feeling senses like your losing this or relationship or loss. All of this is completely normal as it is because you are in a truly transformative period.

The second governing celestial of this gateway is the Total New Moon Solar Eclipse within the sign of the archer, Sagittarius on December 3rd. This brings with it closure to the old cycle of the Gemini/Sagittarius axis that started back in June of 2020.

eclipse dark

I’m excited to share that I will be hosting 2 sacred sessions of Eclipse
Gateway Activations to support you in working with these energies.

November 19, 2021

We’ll gather in our Sacred Etheric Online Temple Space on Zoom at 7:07 pm EST 

December 4, 2021

We’ll gather in our Sacred Etheric Online Temple Space on Zoom at 1:11 pm EST 

✨🌹  🌑 🌀 🌕✨

Ignite the Lumenious pathway of the Plasma Codes brought forth from the 11:11 gateway streaming in the new crystalline timeline codes as you blend and weave the shimmering threads to expand, elevate and ascend.

🌙🌹 Stargates amplify dimensional gateway openings, therefore this Eclipse will not only provide us with a PIVOTAL GRAND FINALE for 2021 but also eclipse out of your life the last 6 months – gifting us with major resolution. 

♦️ This will be like a FULL MOON on steroids! This past Scorpio lunar transit encouraged us to go deeper and explore our shadow selves,🔥buring through the illusion, dismantling, transmuting the untapped power of fear. 

🌫️ Detoxifying and purging the energy will feel Heavenly 🌈 after we have sailed through the eclipse as it will be right in alignment with the…

 ✨🌹🌙Seven Sisters of the PLEADIES  ☀️GATEWAY gifting us abundance that opens the portal flowing towards the momentous. 

The New timelines will flood us with the exquisite light also from Venus’ <br/> ♀️ N E W  8-year transit and first 18 – month Rose 🌹Petal Awakening within the Quantum Stargates towards organic ascension.   

Aligning ascent of the Seven Sisters’ Stars of the Pleiades, and the 12:12 Gateway (flooding the planet with light). Embody your highest truth and anchor the Christos – Sophia Consciousness.

Join us for this monumental shift in elevating your consciousness, awareness, and vibration.

🌊Witness the waves of energy ripple through the energetic architecture, creating new overlays within the crystalline grid that reconnects the original Ancient – Future grids of the 

♦️ Cosmic,

🐲 Dragon Ley Lines &

♦️ Meridians

Which have been left dormant due to the past Dark Ages. The planetary vibration and alignment will now be taking on a new level of  🌟star-like qualities.

What is included in this Gateway Activation Series?

🌹 💌Recorded {Replay} for those who cannot join us LIVE

🌹Suspended Activation in Astral Realm till you are ready to receive

🌹 Interdimensional Passport Activation Template

🌹 2- hours of Priest/ess Plasma Light code frequency, key and Rose codes download

🌹 Galactic Astrology Wisdom

🌹 Lemurian Crystalline Water Blessing & Activation

🌹 Platinum Ray  108 Prism of your Pineal Gland {Third Eye}

🌹 Plasma Sacred Heart

🌹 Diamond -Light Plasma Womb & Hara

🌹 Sound bath Healing Journey

🌹 Magdalene Oracle

🌹 Ancestral DNA Transfiguration Chamber

🌹 Inner Womb/Hara Gates Medicine Wheel Activation

🌹 Mother Mary

🌹 Rose Alchemy

🌹 Multi-Dimensional Lightbody healing

🌹 Galactic Krystalline Gridding Activation

🌹 Gaia Sophia Dragon Ley Lines Activation

🌹 Online sacred Facebook portal; to connect in Sistership share and healing commune

🌹 Ignited Altar of  Crystals, flowers

🌹 Sacred Space Preparation

🌹 Trinity of the  Twin Flame Stargate Activation { Womb, Heart & Third Eye}

Please join us for this

☀️LIVE Online Virtual Event

🌹 Friday, November 19 @ 7:07 pm EST
& Saturday, December 4 @ 1:11pm EST

As we gather in our Sacred Etheric Online Temple Space on Zoom


( 2 -hours )

 Self Investment: $55.55