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So, let’s set the record straight. Friday the 13th is not unlucky. As a matter of fact, it used to be a day of pleasure, love, fertility and fun. It was a blessed day. It was the day when people celebrated the Goddess of Life — and it can be again. Why would a day of joy be turned into a day of fear? The real reason behind our fear …Read More

NEW WORLD; Embodiment

T I M E S have C H A N G E D 🦋 ______________________ So to grow with this N E W W O R L D ______________________ I decided to E M B R A C E it by investing in M Y S E L F and a M E N T O R to bring you 🥁🥁🥁 ___________________________ 🔅Charlotte 5.0 🌺🔅💃 ___________________________ Thank you @keara_palmay for …Read More


So let’s talk about these 6 planets about to go Retrograde. The Cosmic knock out punch 😜🥊🎯 Major changes on the horizon, with a heavity side dish of karma is served. 🤸‍♀️ so BE READY . . This inverted horizontal swirl🌀 of this EPIC retrograde release deep from within the embedded energy patterns, limitations ready to go. Rebooting and upgrading you into aligning and putting you back on track. These …Read More


Lets come together with a soul like minded community Please join us for what will be a memorable evening Imagine your self surround by candles & crystals, a gorgeous sunset overlooking Hamilton harbor with the Princess Point bridge in the distance… IGNITING your Soul with Yoga and a Sound Bath ALIGNING your Chakras with Meditation FLOWING with the multidimensional MAGIC ELEVATING your senses as a channeled  Live Art show emerges …Read More


Aloha Family of Light! Get ready to ELEVATE to the next level of your Souls Ascension plan, or known as your Divine Blueprint. 2018 has already been an incredibly powerful year of revelation, awakening spirituality being an 11 year many souls are connecting back to their deepest truth, vulnerability and truly igniting their brilliance –   as the photons of the light consciousness shifts the planet while revealing the who, …Read More

888 – Star Seed & Gazing Chakra Link Up

It’s always exciting when a new level of self is revealed or remembered, as these last few months have unfolded it was so evident that I needed to step back and do some very intense deep self care, rebooting and realigning especially after the chaos of 2016.  Reemerging now, some of the most amazing messages from my Divine crew have come forward I wish to share with you as I …Read More


    Aloha Family of Light! We finally made it to the Universal 1 year! 2017 in numerology equals a 1! Meaning it is a year to kick start and launch not only your legacy but dare to do sh*t that scares you so that transcend fear and risk living in passion, vitality and grace become the common ground. This is definitely the year to move forward and the astrology …Read More

SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY; Miracles of the Violet Flame.

Here’s the invocations:3xs once for each body(emotional, mental, spiritual bodies) Beloved Magic I Am Presence, Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings and Legions of Light,seize hold inactive and transmute all wrong thought-forms,  human concepts, opinions, blame and all carnated entities in or around me, my world and affairs; also in and around all in governmental positions and all individuals with destructive intent, and in and around all mankind.  replace them with ascendant …Read More


2015 ‘s best quote; A year that was a Breakthrough not a breakdown. Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge. – Eckhart Tolle A new vision and understanding of RADICAL SELF-ACCEPTANCE  and SOUL VISIBILITY anchor; where you both shine and inspire so much by personal example; that you  tempt  others to have the courage to …Read More