⚔️🦚 Age of Now – Aquarius ♒🧜‍♂️🔱 and the Air Element for the next 200 years

Join us now in the Collective Community Consciousness Awakening; ✨

Birth of a New Age & Vision SOLSTICE Stargate Portal Ascension Transmission Age of Now

Aquarius and the Air Element for the next 200 years Soul travel to the womb of the Galactic center, birthing the new age through your womb and hara

A time to slow down embrace the magic, medicine and sacred healing of the moment, to dream into existence our future as we receive divine inspiration and vision from our nighttime starry travels

And yet this year at the Solstice as the Mother gives birth to the Sun King, astrologers, cosmic channels, healers, oracles and wisdom keepers are all calling the Grand Conjunct between Jupiter and Saturn at 0 Degrees Aquarius;

The heralding the Birth of a New Age and Vision,

The now of Aquarius with an elemental shift into Air elements for the next 200 years!

Bringing innovation,

Scientific breakthroughs,



While elevating your intuition, guidance and conscious awareness

To celebrate this defining moment in our history Below you will find the


Over the portal of the next 3 days as the Sun stays still: create a sacred space, light some candles and listen while allowing yourself to receive all;

the Celestial wisdom,

Cosmic key codes,

Light frequencies,

Weaving Magic and Manifestation with

The Stellar Star Activation Alignment of Birthing a New Age through you.

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